Return Policy

  • To return a purchase, your items must meet following conditions:
  • l  Be returned within the warranty periods
  • l  Be in its proper condition fitting into Warranty Terms
  • l  Be returned with its original stamps and packaging


HCQS reserves the right to reject returns which do not comply with our return    policy. Returns that do not respect our policy may be sent back to the original shipping address or be abandoned if customer fail to confirm in two (2) months at our discretion.

Please note that it is important to ship international packages using standard shipping and your country’s local shipping carrier. For added safety, please insure all packages with a tracking number.

Our helpful service team will attempt to correct any minor issues that might be causing the product failure. If the technical service and support representative is unable to resolve the issue, product replacement/price deduction are provided to the customer.


HCQS values the relationships that we have with all of our customers alike. We constantly strive to provide the level of service and support that is expected of an industry leader.

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